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for my digital media class i need to make a piece of “internet art” which is basically anything hosted on the internet that allows interaction between human users and the interface

it could be LITERALLY ANYTHING, SO i need you guys to help me making this happen

i want to present you all to…

My activity graph is now an emoticon.

My activity graph is now an emoticon.


It is now socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music


walking to the side of pokémon trainers and talking to them first so you feel in control

Please reblog this if you will still be a huge part of the Homestuck fandom after it’s ended.


I normally don’t make these sorts of things, but I’m truly curious. Please reblog if you still plan on cosplaying, voice acting, drawing, and/or writing things about Homestuck after Act 7, or simply reblog if you’re a dedicated fan and want to keep the fandom alive.



when u com to town and find hte clothes store


Entering a new town in gens 1-5: wheres the gym
Entering a new town in gen 6: wheres the clothes store


Team Rocket: Terrorist group who steals pokemon.
Team Magma: Wants to expand the landmass.
Team Aqua: Wants to expand the seas.
Team Galactic: Wants to recreate the universe.
Team Plasma: Wants to save Pokemon from trainers.
Neo Team Plasma: Wants to take over Unova.

This is why we love Smash!

Also Shoko:


Imagine GLaDOS as a GPS though


"Turn left. You monster."
“Oh, you missed your turn. That’s alright. It’s not like I gave you an advanced warning or anything. Oh wait. I did. Three of them.”
“Now I have to recalculate the entire route. Again. By myself.”
“Congratulations.  You’ve gotten us so lost even I don’t know where we are.” *slow clap*